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Otter Bar LbNA #53804

Owner:Saucy Contact
Plant date:Jun 1, 2010
City:Forks of Salmon
Found by: Wavecrest
Last found:Jun 29, 2014
Last edited:Jun 1, 2010
Otter Bar is a world class river kayaking school on the beautiful Salmon river. It is a beautiful drive through this remote region of northern California and worth exploring if you are in the area and have some extra time. From Forks of Salmon (boasting the country's smallest post office) Otter Bar is about 1.5-2 miles west on Salmon river road, on the left hand side (or 40 minutes east of Somes bar). You'll see a mailbox with the name to the right. Just in the driveway there, look up to see a pretty carved wooden sign. At the base of this tree under some rocks is the letterbox. I will keep it stocked up with prizes all summer 2010 for whoever ventures out this far (no one probably will!). Otter Bar is also a private home so please respect the gate. There are lots of fabulous spots to go down to the river farther west along the road. Happy Stamping!