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First aid neededWhirlpool Galaxy LbNA #53789

Owner:Gaviota Contact
Plant date:May 20, 2010
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: nbrendzy
Last found: Feb 16, 2017
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 20, 2010
A Burnaby Mountain Quest....
park yourself at an entrance with a map, or check out this one:

Now if you were to examine a star map, maybe you would find the whirlpool galaxy, M51, in the vicinity of the big ol' bear. Here's a good place to find one:

Anyway get up to the top of Lower Snake, taking in the lovely park and lovely trees. *HINT* perhaps, perhaps, on the other side of the barrier immediately to your right, you will find one of the largest trees on the mountain, maybe left alone by loggers, or maybe a freak that grew real fast. Either way, stay out of the sensitive ravine (the reason for the barrier in the first place).
Now that's done, turn to the east and walk down the trail for maybe 15 paces to a Y juncture, and take the uphill path. Sometimes there are flying mountain bikers, so sing a little quieter here to hear them coming. Somewhere between 100 and 100000000 paces you will come to a little wooden bridge crossing what might be a stream on a very rainy day. Now it will probably be daytime when you are questing, but I claim you can see the big dipper from the vantage point of the bridge! hmm. hmmmmm. and the whirlpool box is situated more or less appropriately as in the skymap.
spoilers follow the big empty space!

First turn uphill. You won't see it in the trees. But what if the sky were turned upside down?? Wild!

That would put the big dipper under your feet! How does it feel to strain your neck looking up at us, o great bear?? Examine the bridge carefully, and you may see a pattern familiar to man for millenia.

So if you're a still stumped, look for the star that I unfortunately/serendipitously (contradiction??) broke off the tip of my knife in, i.e. the westernmost. Under the bridge, under this star, you'll find the box carefully concealed under a chunk of wood. You know what to do!