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Work All Day LbNA #53775

Plant date:May 30, 2010
Planted by:Skye Boat Contact
Found by: 3phinatix
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 30, 2010


I am a BlackBerry girl, no iPhone for me. Me and my BlackBerry have had a several year relationship. It is either in my hand or within arm's reach. I use it for everything including my address book and I'm lost without it.

To find my precious techno-love head to the park that is next to the Hollywood train station. Mr. Precious-metal man has a very narrow park that is tucked away, avoid the Lion.

Walk a short distance into the park and you will come across a fork in the road, head east- heading west will take you right to the Lion and going straight is boring. As you stroll along you will come across a bench on the right side. Look behind the bench to the right you will see some old trees. The far right one looks like it was cut at one point and only a waist high stump remains. If you follow that stump to the ground there is a hole in the trunk that is covered by some old bark. Move that away and you will find my prized possession.

The log book to this letterbox is different, so read the instructions inside the book cover. Just make sure you hide it again!

Stop and Smell the Roses

Because I'm always on the go and always very busy, it is sometimes hard to find time to "stop and smell the roses." After you find the BlackBerry letterbox keep moving on the path. Soon you will see a trash can on the left hand side of the path. Stop here. Turn your back to the trash can and directly across from the trashcan are some bushes. In the bushes with the oval leaves you will find the letterbox. The letterbox is actually a camouflage bag.

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