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Strawberry Festival 2010 LbNA #53516

Owner:Clarinet 226 Contact
Plant date:May 15, 2010
Found by: Kelsung
Last found: Jan 31, 2012
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 22, 2016
Has a couple attempts, but don't let that stop you from trying!

If you are from the Oxnard area, you will probably already know about the annual Strawberry Festival. (I found out through a little article in the paper.) If not, you should know that the Strawberry Festival takes place on the 3rd weekend of May. Most of the festival's booths have something to do with strawberries. For more info, visit,
Be warned if you do look for the box on the days of the festival, it will be very crowded, and some streets will be blocked off. The festival takes place in College Park, so that is where this box is. Bring gloves, or a small shovel. Enjoy.

Find College Park in Oxnard. Start at the large stone COLLEGE PARK sign on Rose Ave. Drive through the gates and turn left. Park at the playground that may remind you of sports. At the soccer ball, turn left on the path past the bathrooms. Pass the basketball courts on your left. Keep the picnic areas on your right as you walk along the path that borders the parking lot. Just before the volleyball court stop at the large round planter. Go to the east side of the planter. To the left of the purple sprinkler, look for a white rock. Under it, and under leaves is a leftover berry.

When you are done, please re-hide the box EXACTLY where you found it, and completely cover it with leaves, and cover it with the rock.