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Feeling Restless LbNA #52995

Plant date:Apr 9, 2010
County:British Columbia, CAN
State:British Columbia, Canada
Planted by:TESKELLY
Found by: CSB bc
Last found:Sep 18, 2010
Last edited:Apr 9, 2010
• Your start point for this letterbox should have you standing in front of a park sign to "Mathers Park" in Abbotsford.

• When facing the sign you now want to look to your right for a fire hydrant marking the beginning of a gravel trail that circles the park.

• Walk north along the gravel trail and count out 16 planted trees on your left along the edge of the gravel trail.

• Once you come to the 16th tree look to your right for a group of 5 evergreen trees.

• The letterbox is a 4x4 lock and lock 3ft up a tree.

• There is a log book, stamp, and ink pad inside.