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Rogue River Greenway LbNA #52787

Owner:5dliweht Contact
Plant date:Apr 1, 2010
City:Rogue River
Found by: Doxie Duo (2)
Last found: Sep 11, 2010
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 1, 2010
The Rogue River Greenway trailhead begins where the bridge and the freeway offramp meet at the Rogue River exit; from the trailhead you will notice several wood markers...the Oregon Duck, a Puppy Dog, 2 Salmon (under the bridge), keep a lookout for these markers along the path...continue to...
#1 Box...The FOX In The Hole
At the Fox Marker...walk approximately 20 steps toward the river and there is a hole in the ground covered with sticks...look under the sticks...proceed to...
#2 Box...The Wild RACCOON
Continue approximately 25 steps further down the trail and on the left side of the trail is a tree fallen into a cluster of natural hard...continue your trek...though the pavement may end, your journey does not...continue to...
#3 Box...The State BEAVER
This may seem far enough, but it is not, continue down the dirt trail to the cluster of evergreens down the path on the river side of the the base of the tree you will find the treasure you seek
You may continue down the dirt trail to the beautiful Vally of the Rogue State Park or turn around and enjoy a leisurely stroll back to the trail head...we hope you've enjoyed this great trail!!