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100 ** LbNA #52269

Owner:Clarinet 226 Contact
Plant date:Feb 21, 2010
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Tyler Trio
Last found: Jul 20, 2017
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 22, 2016

I have found 100 letterboxes, so in honor of this, I planted a letterbox. So to find it, go to Sunnyglen Park in Torrance. It is on Del Amo Blvd, just before the hill. This is a nice little park with exercise stations, and small hills. Please be discreet because people may be watching you.

Face the park sign and turn left. At the fork, turn right. At the next fork, turn left. Ignore the dirt path. Follow the cement path between a grove of wooden posts. Take the path to the right. Still ignore the dirt. Keep the playground on your right. Veer right on the cement path, and pass exercise stations on the left. Observe the leaning overhang on the right. Which way does it lean? Follow the path that way. When you reach the area with blue picnic tables, look for the blue handicapped sign on the ground, to your left. Walk over it toward the wall. Once at the wall, find where white fence meets chain-link fence. Look to the bottom row of bricks. Count 16 bricks to your left on the bottom row until you see two holes in the bricks, one large, one small. Stick your hand in the smaller hole, move some dirt, and leaves and grass in the hole and find the camo box inside. When closing the box please make sure everything fits in well enough to close the box tightly.

When you are done, please make sure you re-hide EXACTLY where you found it, and cover the box back up with leaves and grass so no one sees it in the hole. Maybe cover the hole a little bit so construction workers don't cement the hole up.