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The Lost Oar LbNA #5215

Plant date:Aug 12, 2003
Found by: Azroadie
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 12, 2003
This letterbox is located in the Pine Moutain Lake area. Most roads are not public access however this is located in a public access area. If you have any questions about this letterbox or if it is in need of repair please e-mail me

Find Pine Moutain Lake
Don't take the main gate
Find the campground instead
Look for the sites up ahead

Follow the road to the bridge
The green posts are on the edge
Park your car and get on your feet
It's not that far, a sign you will meet

If you go to the group site
Keep the water on your right
It looks like a slice of heaven
After gravel and 37

A dam will appear
And you know you are near
Standing on the bridge gap
Look left- you don't need a map

Between 10-11 O'clock
You'll find some big rock
An overhanging rock you can see
That is where the lost oar will be