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Diamond in The Rough 8400 LbNA #52017

Owner:QT24/7 Contact
Plant date:Jan 16, 2010
City:Studio City
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Old Roar
Last found:Jan 23, 2010
Last edited:Jan 16, 2010
Diamond In The Rough
Take Laurel Canyon Blvd. south of Ventura Blvd. to Mulholland. Turn right and go .6 miles to Nancy Hoover Pohl Park (across from 8400 Mulholland). Turn right into the parking lot. Find the memorial plaque for Betty Dearing, who is responsible for the creation of all of these local trails, and the white fire road gate behind it. This marks the beginning of the trail you want to be on. A few paces down the trail, you will come to a steep trail on the left that descends into the canyon. Do not take this trail (perhaps you can venture down there after you’ve found the letter box). Instead you will see a sign that says “trail ends 0.7 miles ahead”. Just follow the arrow and you are on your way. It is just a 10 – 15 minute easy walk to your destination. Enjoy the beautiful vistas of the San Fernando Valley floor and the aroma of the surrounding trees and bush. You will pass a trail marker of two vertical railroad ties to let you know you are on the correct path. You will pass a small circular opening on the left that leads to an intersecting trail, but just stay on the main trail until you come to a fork in the path. Stay to the right and walk about 20 strides. If you look down on the left, you will see an old semi rotted, fallen tree trunk on the ground with a small pile of rocks behind it. Remove the rocks to uncover the letter box. Please sign and date the pad. Use the stamp provided or your own. When you have finished, please return the box to it’s hiding place, cover with the rocks so other hikers won’t find it. It is hard to believe that this beautiful private spot is in the middle of such a large metropolis. It is truly a Diamond in the Rough!