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Marbled Murrelet LbNA #51983

Owner:The Olde Oak Contact Supporter
Plant date:Jan 11, 2010
Found by: MO UR4Me
Last found: Sep 10, 2022
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 11, 2010
The Marbled Murrelet is an unusual bird. A California State Parks pamphlet explains, “The Marbled Murrelet, a Robin-sized ocean bird, nests mostly in old growth trees. These old trees have large limbs with thick lichens and mosses which the birds use for nesting. These secretive birds are rarely seen because they fly out to the ocean at daybreak and return near dusk.” And redwood trees are a preferred old-growth trees. Here is further information:

To find the Marbled Murrelet Letterbox head up to Humboldt Redwoods State Park on the Avenue of the Giants. Several miles north of Weott pull into Founders Grove. Park and walk the 1/2 mile loop trail which begins here. Admire the Founders Tree and if you’re lucky you can snag one of their really informative pamphlets. Leave some money for it or return it to the box when you’re done with the loop. Walk down the trail admiring the beautiful trees and forest. Eventually you’ll reach #6, The Unseen World Overhead. From the sign walk west on the trail about 20 steps. There will be a large tree on the right. On its west side about 2 1/2 feet up behind a fern (at least there was one when the box was planted) within the indentation the letterbox is poked into the bark and is behind forest duff and bark. When completed with your letterboxing please replace the letterbox securely and carefully. This place probably gets a lot of business in the summer!

OK. What a cool bird, huh? Thanks for coming!!