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Jewel Lake Redwoods LbNA #51818

Plant date:Dec 28, 2009
Planted by:Yoda Princess
Found by: Lost Sailor
Last found:Feb 28, 2012
Last edited:Dec 28, 2009
Letterbox is in Tilden Park near Jewel Lake. Park at the Tilden lot where Little Farm is, hike out on Jewel Lake trail about 1/2 mile to Jewel Lake. At the end of Jewel Lake there is a small wooden footbridge on the left. Go over that footbridge and the letterbox is about 70 steps ahead. As you are walking, on the left there is a line of 9 redwood trees. At the end of that line of trees (70 steps from the bridge), go left and down about 9 steps towards the lake edge. Look left and under the last redwood is the letterbox.