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Desert Winds LbNA #51326 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Nov 8, 2009
City:Palm Springs
Found by: 8 Bare Feet
Last found:Nov 17, 2012
Last edited:Jun 14, 2021
Retired as of 9/17/20. Some new little trees are where the old tree used to be.

This was a quick carve on an eraser, and I chose an image of the most common thing I see growing in the desert every time I drive to Palm Springs.

Drive along the shore until you see a Rubik's Cube, then turn north. When you are in plane view of the desert sun, turn left and park.

Walk south on the sidewalk from the right one of four palms by forty, and start counting sidewalk slabs. Fifteen is cracked, but don't stop till twenty-six. Look for the large tree at 210 degrees that isn't there anymore, so neither is the box.

Leftovers (1 of 6): Start at Mustang Country in Paramount. Head south to the paseo.