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The Missing Tiki Man LbNA #5100

Plant date:Aug 4, 2003
Found by: Team Serra's Silver
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 4, 2003
This letterbox is located in Modesto in East La Loma Park. This park is off of El Vista Road. Headed south on Oakdale (which turns into El Vista) you turn right on Edgebrook. When Edgebrook passes Phoenix turn right into the park. You can park down in the parking lot by the tennis courts. Please notify me if the box needs repair. Take care in placing it without being noticed. Use a stick to locate this plastic box.

Flip is famous for being one of the oldest tiki's in Modesto from Minnie's restaurant. Flip the great tiki was stolen by a prankster named Moe. Moe thought he was funny at first but as time went on he was quite nervous and scared he would get caught. He decided to hide the tiki. At midnight he headed down into the dark quiet park. He turned off the lights of the car and quietly parked his VW beetle. He grabbed his flashlight and headed into the park. He entered left of the pool on the tree lined path. He went unnoticed as he creeped behind the restrooms on the concrete path. After passing the basketball hoops he heard a noise and froze in his tracks. He could hear his heart beating.......but nothing else. He continued on. At the L at the end of the concrete path he chose to take the gravel path. Moe is certain he is being followed. He looks behind him but sees no one. He looks to his left and can see the moon reflecting in the murky green water. To his right he could see scary shadows of play equipment. As he heads on he hears someone behind him and he slips into the cedar grove and hides for a few minutes.
A figure approaches and it is a woman walking her dog, he stays in the trees and waits until she is gone. He comes out of the trees and continues on the gravel path until he sees a small sign on his right as he continues he sees a green post that has a sign on it. In the dark it is hard to read so he continues on heading west off of the gravel path adn onto a dirt path that appears to be desolate. It appears that he is on some type of strange ground. There is a metal gadget- it has a #1 on it......but wait is a #16? He wants to keep track of his location so he counts 31 steps from the green post to the west on this dusty trail and finds the perfect hiding spot. A tree with several 6 branches with twigs and leaves all over. He debates. He has heard of this spot and history tell him that some things have been stolen from here so he ventures on. So Moe looks around and decides to turn to the right and travel north through a few trees.
He counts out 40 steps, stops and finds a two branched tree with lots of debris around it. So he pokes around with a stick (highly recommended) and digs a little spot and hides the historic tiki. If you find the tiki please keep him safe and hide him very well!! If you continue on in 21 steps you will find a nicely paved path to take you back to the parking lot.

Please find Flip.........