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The Teacher LbNA #50503

Plant date:Sep 20, 2009
Planted by:Harthaven Contact
Found by: Hart x6 (2)
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 20, 2009
In 1995, after having an other-worldly experience, of which I spoke to no one, I happened by chance to meet a Hindu Monk. Swami Sahajananda. He took my hand and told me of my experience, and with a smile said I could relax now. That the experience was real. He is gone now. I dedicate these two stamps to him.

On East Evans Creek Road, between 14 and 15 mile markers, stands a one-room school-house, waiting patiently for it's repair. Across the road, along Maple Gulch, runs a BLM road. Follow the BLM road to the yellow gate. There is a place nearby to park.

Left of the yellow gate, sits two large stones. Beneath the backside of the larger stone, THE TEACHER sits patiently. Walk to the left of the concrete piling for easier reach.

When leaving the BLM, you are facing the school-house. on the West side of it, Maple Gulch runs into Evans Creek. A few steps West of that is a meadow. Park just inside the old fence.

Walk straight ahead of your vehicle, to the small cliff which over-looks the creek. Breathe deeply. You can relax now. You are one with the Universe. Look around, at the reflexion of the trees in the water. Hear the babbling stream. Breathe deeply.

My Teacher resides here. He was just a man dressed in robes. He was not God. He was only a mirror in which I could reflect, and come to know myself.

When facing upstream, He is to your right. Between the trunks of three trees - one small, one medium, and one large, he is near. Small stones protect him. He is near.