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Transylvania Pond LbNA #49977

Plant date:Aug 24, 2009
County:New Haven
Planted by:Rubaduc
Found by: Team Rogue
Last found:Dec 30, 2023
Last edited:Aug 24, 2009
This box was supposed to be planted at McMillan Park which has a trail along Transylvania Brook but it seems as though most of Southbury's parks are for Southbury residents only. After asking at town hall, we finally found that Janie Pierce Park is for residents only but not patrolled so be polite and no one will bother you. Again, no dogs allowed.

The park is located on Transylvania Road just after the intersection of routes 67 and 172. This is the terminus of the white trail from Platt Park.

Take the blue/white trail behind the kiosk and follow it along with the pond on your left. Cross a very impressive boardwalk built by BSA Troop 162 in 1996. Just before going through (or over) a tumbled down stonewall, look left for a large maple with very large toes. Look in back, between a couple of toes for the box.

If you come to where the blue trail splits from the white, you went too far.