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A Fish At A Wedding LbNA #49594

Plant date:Sep 27, 2009
Planted by:BuffaloTony Contact
Found by: Mothers Love
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 27, 2009
08/10/2009 - had a find report, so I bet she's still around
08/08/2009 - a couple groups could not find it.

On September 27, 2008 a great union took place. Two of our best friends were married at this site.

Galena Creek Park is home to the historic Galena Fish Hatchery.

Start at the large sandy beach, west of the pond, where the wedding took place. Walk up the stone-lined path and follow it toward the sound of water. Continue on the path upstream, skirting the edge of the hatchery building patio. Follow the path around a curve, still heading upstream. Not far from the curve you will notice a group of 3 large trees on the left side of the path, across from a lone tree. Under the sister trees is what you seek. If you find a large concrete wall, you have traveled too far.

While the park is open year round, this path might be impassable during winter months - please check for weather and hiking conditions before venturing out.

Ranger Phone: 775-849-2511

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