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Frolicing in Mendicino LbNA #48978

Owner:I Spy North Team Contact
Plant date:Jul 16, 2009
Found by: afd13
Last found: Jun 20, 2016
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 16, 2009
This is the third time this letterbox has been planted. It's location has changed and is now a drive-by. Hopefully this one survives! Good luck!

The Frolic was a opium running Clipper ship that sank under mysterious circumstances on its way to San Francisco with a cargo of Chinese housewares in 1850. The owners hired a man named Ford to salvage the cargo a few days later, but there was nothing left aboard to find…(although the native Pomo Indians were found to be dressed in the finest Chinese silk and using porcelain china.)

Start at the Pt Cabrillo Lighthouse Station Historic Park located on Pt Cabrillo Drive off Hwy 1, four miles north of the city of Mendocino near Russian Gulch State Park. Park and orient yourself on the map posted at the Visitor Center.

Find the Point Cabrillo Light Station memorial plaque, next to the Lighthouse Gift Shop- Museum sign in the parking lot. Take the trail behind the signs and head toward the ocean. 150 feet down the trail, buried in pine needles, under a SPOR, in the crook of the last Cypress pine tree on your right, is your prize. If you go past the trail marker sign... turn around, you've gone to far.

As a BONUS, continue on to the Lighthouse and ask for the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse stamp. Depending on which docent is working, they may ask you for a one-dollar donation.