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Merrill Field LbNA #48533

Owner:The End Contact
Plant date:Jun 29, 2009
Found by: Eidolon
Last found: Jun 25, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 29, 2009
Prior to 1930 this was known as "Aviation Field"

In 1929 A movement was started to rename this airfield after Russell Hyde Merrill,who was an early pioneer in Alaskan aviation.
Russell Merrill was the second pilot to fly in from the lower 48,in a Curtis F flying boat.. However he was the first in MANY ways..
1st --to fly commercial flight from Juneau,thus
1st --to fly commercial over the Gulf of Alaska
1st -- to fly over the Alaska Range and over the Kuskokwim
1st --to make an emergancy night landing here..People lit
bonfires and turned on their car headlights to let
him know where the landing strip was..
Russell Hyde Merrill disappeared in Sept.1929,on his third
flight of the day, while on a flight to Sleetmute and

In April 1930 word was recieved that the field could be re-
named after him.At the same time pilots and all were told to stop using the golf course for landings.In 1931 the Park strip was also dicontinued as a landing field.

Sept.1932 the Field was Oficially decated and renamed "Merrill field"

Merrill Field has the first avaition beacon,in Alaska, to be instaled,in his honor.

Comprises of 436 acres.
Many services are available:
aerial mapping
air taxis
aircraft rentals and sales.flight instruction- schools and much more
It is also in the top 10 busiest light aircraft fields in the U.S.

April 27,2010 Boxes are ok


"Welcome to Merrilll Field Airpark" "Municipality of Anchorage,Alaska.."You are Here"

under and behind the first tree to the right.

Please have something to write with as there is a suprise in box for you..Please be aware that you are in a sorta controled area because of Homeland security..thus box could not be placed more inside the actual airfield..

Nana C and the seedlings have taken over my boxes