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The V Is The Place To Be- Sycamore Canyon Camp LbNA #48283

Owner:zonk4fun Contact
Plant date:May 15, 2009
Found by: Woolfairy Clan
Last found: Oct 20, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 15, 2009
This box is hidden inside Big Sycamore Camp Ground. Its an easy box to find. Great family fun while staying at the camp ground. You will need a shovel to dig up the clue. BE sure not to dig to hard because you might break open the box. Good luck and happy "hunting".
*Remember LEAVE NO TRACE! Cub Scouts Pack 201


Upon the start look out for the bear
Don’t look side to side it’s in the air
Facing into the camp a small building stands
Here is where you shower and wash your hands

When you arrive find the fourth wood post
Now to your left do a quarter turn at the most
Take ten paces through the grass
As you do you’ll pass the gas

Once you stop look hard and you will see
A large shape of a V in the tree
This is where you will pass through
Once you do you will see another V to continue

Quick to your left a pair of rocks side by side
Here is where the box will hide
Between the rocks find yet another V
Look at the base, there the treasure will be

*Planted by Burbank, Cub Scouts Pack 201