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Bug Box LbNA #4801 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Jun 7, 2002
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jun 7, 2002
This box is in Anchorage Alaska. It is in the Russian Jack Springs Park, placed on June 7, 2002

8/2004 Please note that our family has moved from the area and will no longer be updating or caring for the boxes. However, in the last few months I have received more interested parties looking for boxes than in the many years prior to our move. I encourage the new Alaskans to place new boxes and post them online - I am sure a great little community will evolve! Good Luck!

You are guaranteed plenty of company when finding this box.

From the end of Reka Drive head up the hill to your right.
Before you reach the top you will see a path to your left.
This path makes a V shape with a group of trees in the center.
One is broken off standing in front of three others.
The three stand in smallest to tallest order.

Take the path most traveled.
If you have chose the correct path,
You will find a large rock half way up the next hill you climb.

A downed tree points the way you should go.
From this tree you will see a path to the left at 13 paces.
Do not take the path.
Continue on the main trail.
You will see another large rock in the path.

Ten paces from the second large rock
There is another downed tree pointing the way.
Follow this path to the waters edge.
Turn and mark 8 paces to a broken limb.

The letter box is under the limb.
Please replace it as you found it for others to find.