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Horse Chestnut LbNA #47939

Owner:The Olde Oak Contact Supporter
Plant date:Jun 7, 2009
Found by: Lost Sailor
Last found: Aug 16, 2014
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 7, 2009
The genus Aesculus contains what is known as horse chestnut trees in Europe. In California these close relatives are the Aesculus californica or _______ _____. To Find the horse chestnut letterbox make your way to Crane Creek Regional Park, select a parking space and pony up $6.00. It‘s worth the price with its lovely trails, picnic tables, benches, clean restroom and frisbee golf course. And also of course the cool letterboxes.

Before you take off make sure you find out the California member of the horse chestnut family because that will be the name of the trail you will be walking.

Make your way to the western entrance to that trail. If there’s been a big rain you might have trouble fording a small creek. Or you might not. When I was there in early June it was virtually dry. Where there’s a choice stay on that trail. After awhile on the left you’ll have another opportunity at a small trail on your left to cross the creek again to a bench. Don’t be tempted! Keep on keeping on. Soon after this will be a picnic table again on your left but on this side of the creek and under a member of the aforementioned plant kingdom. So wouldn’t that just be the perfect spot to hide the letterbox? Sorry! No such luck. To find the letterbox stand at the junction of the main trail and the path to the picnic table on your left. Check out the horse chestnut at 40 degrees in the field. Go visit that tree and go around to the back, the side away from the picnic table. Under and behind some large rocks and also under tree roots you will find the Horse Chestnut Letterbox.

Thanks for coming, close everything up tightly and rehide carefully. Don’t forget to check for ticks. After I left Crane Creek I found one big as a watermelon crawling in my hair.