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Big Cedar Series - placed by Happy Lemur LbNA #47624

Plant date:May 28, 2009
Planted by:Eagle Five Contact
Found by: The Duck Ducks (2)
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 28, 2009
This letterbox is planted on the grounds of Big Cedar Lodge. It is the third letterbox in our series, which will eventually have six. Big Cedar is 10 miles south of Branson, Missouri. Follow Highway 65 south until you come to MO-86. Turn right. After just a short time, you will see a large Big Cedar Lodge sign on your right. Turn right and follow the winding road down to Big Cedar. First, find the parking lot in front of Registration. Drive south, passing Truman Steakhouse on your right. At the stop sign, turn right. Follow the road and at the T, go left. You will see a LARGE fish on the hill to your left. Continue on this road. You will drive over a rocky part of the road which is a water crossing. Up on your right is Devil's Pool Restaurant. Continue down the road, veering left once you pass Devil's Pool Restaurant. You will pass a handful of green "knotty pine cottages." Keep your eyes peeled for a ramp on the left that has a sign that indicates "Additional Parking." Follow the ramp and park here. Find the long staircase and walk down the stairs towards the cabins. You will cross using the crosswalk and will see a sign ahead that read "Devil's Pool Scenic Bridge" or something to that effect. You will not turn right to go on the scenic bridge, though that would be a lovely diversion. You will turn left and walk the path beside the log cabins. You will walk a short distance when the path way ends and you will need to walk on a paved road beside cabins 514-517. Continue walking and you will pass cabin 518. Finally, you will see the last cabins, 519-520. When the cabins end, you will see a fish sign that reads "Devil's Pool Cabins - exit only" Pass that sign and turn right on to the road. Foot traffic will need to stay on that side of the road. You will walk for approximately 2-3 minutes when you will see a paved path that separates from the road. Stop when you see the yellow lines. You will need to take 72 small steps from the end of yellow line onto the pedestrian path. It is rocky on the left side and on the right side you will see a black railing. Continue walking, looking for a tree with a grey box protruding from the back. You are getting very close. Just past the tree with grey box, you will look up on the rocky hill to see a tree that is growing sideways. (to the right). You will want to carefully climb the hill with the sideways tree on your right and on your left will be three small trees that are somewhat intertined. Between these two trees you will need to climb, focusing on a large tree up above them by just a few feet. You will recognize it by a large 2 foot scar running on it's trunk. Our letterbox is beneath several rocks at the base of this tree. Please rehide carefully and well. This letterbox was placed by Happy Lemur. We would love to have a status update on our box - We only get to visit it once a year, so we appreciate you tending to it. Happy Letterboxing