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350 Vermont LbNA #46718 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Apr 20, 2009
Planted by:Curious Crow
Found by: -robotparade-
Last found:Mar 27, 2010
Last edited:Nov 29, 2015
This letterbox is placed in honor of the wind project in southwestern Vermont. Wind energy is one of many strategies that helps reduce global warming.


It has recently been determined that 350 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere is our safety line to be able to minimize the effects of climate change. We are currently (2009)at 387 ppm and increasing steadily at a rate of 2ppm per year. In order to slow down this rate and return to 350ppm (admittedly a monumental task for all humanity), energy use both individually and collectivly needs to be reduced and modified. Visit for more inspiration about what you can do.

Though not in view of the wind project, this letterbox is in an easy "drive by" setting.

From I-91 North entering Vermont from Massachusetts, get off at the Welcome Center before Exit 1. (There is a parking area before the Welcome Center - don't get off there - you won't find the letterbox.) Park anywhere in the lot and walk eastward into the playground/picnic area on the other side of hedges. Cross the main area in about 10 steps and look slightly leftward for 3 thick spruces together along the fenceline. Behind the farthest left in this trio a fencepost alligns with the tree trunk. The letterbox is buried in spruce needles at the base of the fencepost. There is a downslope to the fenceline from the picnic area. Please be discreet!