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Valentine '09 Series LbNA #46552

Owner:Doxie Duo Contact
Plant date:Feb 14, 2009
City:Grants Pass
Found by: feeling froggy :) (3)
Last found: Feb 19, 2011
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 14, 2009
Boxes were checked on 3/2/13 and all are well!

These boxes are located on Josephine County property at the end of Elk Lane. To get to the parking area of the hiking trails, take Hwy 238 S., right on New Hope Rd., right on Lonnon Rd, then left on Elk to the dead end. Be aware that there is a lot of poison oak in the area, but we tried to plant the boxes in safe places, close to main trails and roads.

Box #1 - "Heart Throb"
From the parking area, pass the gate and stay on the main road until you come to a hillside of new seedlings with a post that says "Planted in 2009." Take the road to the right and pass the "'08" crop sign. Continue on and immediately after the road curves toward the left, look for the multi-trunked madrone (9 trunks!) Inside the stump nearest the road you will find box #1 under branches and debris.

Box #2 - "True Love"
From Box 1, continue on the main road until you come to the first trail on your left at the next planted hillside (also on your left). Take the trail up a steep hill to a large madrone "bush" on the right side of the trail. Look on the uphill side of the bush, between two sprouting stumps for box #2.

Box #3 - "Be Mine Forever"
From Box #2 you have two possible routes to get to box #3.

Route #1 - more challenging, but the view is fantastic!
Continue on this steep trail to the top of the hill. (It looks worse than it actually is - but perhaps we should have put the "Heart Throb" box up there - we were huffing and puffing!) Enjoy the view and catch your breath, then turn and follow the main road to your left, downhill until it deadends. Continue to walk through the seedlings going downhill back toward the main road until you come to a bark trail to your left. Take this toward the four large pine trees on your left. Look in the stump in between the pines for box #3.

Route #2 - less of a workout!
From box #2, go back down the trail to the main road and backtrack to where you originally saw the first group of trees that were planted in 2009. From the 2009 sign post look up the hill to where you see 4 large pine trees with a stump with lots of madrone side growth in the middle of them. Climb up to the stump and look in the hollow on the left, downhill side for box #3.