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The Big One LbNA #46475

Owner:Macabre Contact
Plant date:Apr 2, 2009
Found by: The Blue Rose Gang
Last found:Jul 5, 2012
Last edited:Apr 2, 2009
This letterbox is placed near a proposed epicenter of the devastating 1906 San Francisco earthquake. This 7.8 magnitude earthquake and the subsequent fire that went through the city caused over 3,000 deaths, making it the worst death toll from a natural disaster in California’s history. The economic impact of this disaster has been compared to that of hurricane Katrina. The vibrations were felt north in Oregon, south to Los Angeles, and as far inland as central Nevada.

One of my favorite stories to come out of this disaster is of the great opera tenor, Enrique Caruso, who was in town when the earthquake hit. He was so distraught that his manager suggested he sing in order to calm himself down. How surreal it must have been for people to see all the death and destruction occurring around them only to have it set it to a beautiful “soundtrack” by an opera singer.

The epicenter is believed to be just off the coast from Point Reyes.

Start at the Inverness Post Office
Head south – cross parking lot and wood bridge
Find the memorial plaque near the back of the park
Turn west and spy a trail leaving the clearing
Take path uphill for 21 steps to overhanging tree
Ascend four wood steps on your right
Follow trail along top of moss-covered wood planks
Go up scary staircase
Stop when handrail does
Box is 4 feet NNW at base of broken tree