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3 musketeers at the holy tree LbNA #46263

Owner:wild bunnies Contact
Plant date:Mar 29, 2009
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Mar 29, 2009
Drive to East Sooke Park and park in the Aylard's farm parking lot. Bring a snack, some water, wipes and a camera, you'll want to keep hiking after finding this letterbox!
Walk between the apple trees directly to the beach, enjoy the tidal pools, play in the sand and admire the views.
Walk back up the stairs you used to come down to the beach but when you see, on your left, the caution sign with pictures of old missiles that you shouldn't touch if found on the beach...keep going straight along the hiking path. It can get somewhat wet and muddy, especially in the spring so watch your step!
Cross the small bridge and continue hiking (the beach should be somewhat visible on your left.
When you come to the gray trailhead sign, follow the direction of "petroglyphs", take 41 ten year old steps and look for a holy tree to your right. Therein lies the mystery of the three musketeers, your own personal stamp is what makes this letterbox special (it's also where the wet wipes come in!).
Continue hiking, the petroglyphs are there but need a keen eye to spot. You can continue hiking for several hours and enjoy breathtaking views from increasing heights but it is recommended to take a map of the various hikes as getting back to the parking lot is only intuitive if you backtrack.
Good luck!