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A sssssurprise LbNA #45748

Owner:Alaska HSM Contact
Plant date:Feb 23, 2009
Found by: knottyknitter&dirtmonkey
Last found: Jul 6, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 23, 2009
Go on campbell creek rd to the North bivouc parking lot. Park at the far end of the parking lot and begin on the trail on the left side. Hug the left side of the trail and pass two intersections, staying to the left. After the second intersection watch to your right for two long fallen trees one on top of the other. Go to the tops of these trees which are buried in a spruce. Go to the back side of the spruce and reach inside. There hands your ssssurprise. Make sure to hang it back where you found it and make sure the lid is on tight.

There is a WOM bax near here (mine, don't worry) I MAY be willing to part with the clues.