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Kincaid midnight sun boxes LbNA #45743

Owner:Alaska HSM Contact
Plant date:Jul 30, 2008
Found by: t-adh o mir
Last found: Oct 8, 2011
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 30, 2008
Start at the playground at the Kincaid Chalet. From the back side of the slide, roll down the hill toward the soon to be soccer fields. At the edge of the field turn right. Go onto the dirt road. Pass by the gray and silver building and cross the old cement slab. Go up a hill (grass no trail) to the dirt road and turn right. At the T take an almost U turn and go through the grass and enter the green fenceto the left. At the end of the fence go straight. At the end take the 2nd trail on the left. Pass the 1st sign for the Mize loop until you get to the map. Stop and check your directions. See the small trail behind the sign? Take 12 steps onto the trail. Turn to the left. The tree with 2 arms coming out of the ground, at the base of the right arm hides the salmon.

Return to the main trail. Take the blue trail. Follow the light poles. Pass the viola swamp sign. Count 3 light poles cross the trail to the fallen tree. Near the base under bark is Totem.

Run up the hill away from the mosquitoes. Keep following the trail to the Sherwood Forest sign. Cross the trail from the sign and see a fallen tree. Hop up the little hill to the tree and at the base of the tree is the moose.

Return to the trail and continue on. Check your directions again. Do not take the Alex Sisson trail. Go to the left instead. Count 11 light poles take the trail to the left. A laying down stump of a tree is on the left before the broken off tree. To the back side of this is Germanium.

Return to the main trail and continue on. At the divide go behind the power box. Optimus prime hides in the hollow of the tree under leaves.

Take the shortcut back toward the stadium. Continue straight to the bench that commemorates Mellissa Jyne Neher. Under the bench on the left side next to the bench pole under bark is radium. Make sure it is completely covered when you rehide.