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AbarA Nightmare LbNA #45597

Owner:Lee & Nancy Contact
Plant date:Feb 7, 2009
Found by: Waneta Wench
Last found:Feb 17, 2015
Last edited:Feb 7, 2009
This box is planted to commemorate my camping experience when I came to Tucson for the 4th annual event. I planned to drive in the day before the event, get some local boxes, camp, go to the event, and drive home. I didn’t do much research as to campgrounds in the area, since I had recently bought a GPS unit that easily directs me to just about anywhere. Finding a campground that allows for tent sites turned out to be more hit and miss (mostly miss). After finding Catalina State Park full at around 9:30 at night, I finally ended up on the very outskirts of town at A-bar-A Campground. Well the traffic from the nearby freeway, was a bit loud, but I should be able to tune it out, and the dog barking will have to sleep sometime, but there was preparing for what was coming next. I had already set up my tent when the train went by, it seemed so close as if dividing the campground in two. On the office door was a sign that read, “Yes, we know the train is loud”; but what the sign failed to say was that the train goes by what seemed like every 10 minutes. I laid there for about 2 hours and laughed at the dog barking and the trucks on the freeway, during those periods when it wasn’t drowned out by the insanely loud trains. I finally gave up and packed everything up and drove somewhere quiet, pulled off the road, and slept in the car.

To find this box, northwest of Tucson, take Tangerine Farms Rd (aka Tangerine Ln) off of Tangerine Rd turn right along the front of the campground, just past the second entrance. The box is across the street, in the small Palo Verde Tree, center base covered with rocks and plant debris. Beware of the thorns or you may have nightmares of this place too. NOTE: I heard no trains when I planted the box, I assume they save them up for nighttime.

A special thanks to the Pink Ladies for doing needed maintenance to the box.