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We Salute You!! LbNA #45490

Plant date:Jan 23, 2009
Planted by:milk money
Found by: SnakeDoctor
Last found:Dec 28, 2013
Last edited:Jan 23, 2009
We Salute you! A salute to our military. Located near Laguna Dam, AZ. northeast of Yuma. This dam was the first dam across the Colorado River.

From Yuma heading north on HWY 95, turn left at the 2 large cannons just past the "Imperial Dam/Yuma Proving Grounds" sign and travel west, going past the Proving Grounds, past the Senator Wash road, to eventually finding Laguna Dam on the south side. Just a wee bit past the dam on the north side of the road, there is a large parking spot with white painted rocks. This seems to have been a rv area at one time. In this lot find a large cement floor. You will find the "salute" under the edge, covered with broken cement pieces, of the tree lined side (west).

You might want to be aware of critters hiding in cracks, holes or under things.

Please rehide carefully, better than it was found. Thanks!