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Birthday Boy LbNA #44277

Plant date:Oct 28, 2008
City:Cobble Hill
County:British Columbia, CAN
Planted by:SheenQueen
Found by: Black Crow
Last found:Mar 18, 2012
Last edited:Oct 28, 2008
Start your hunt at a "macho" Creek found on a road off the end of Hutchinson rd. You will pass by a golf course, and a gas plant. Once you hit the end of this road, you will have to get out of your vehicle and head off on foot. Head down the trail until you hit a fork in the path near a water catch basin. Choose the right path. Walk for approximately 2-3 minutes (watch out, it is steep). You will pass two bridges. Keep to your right, do not cross these bridges. you will come to a clearing with a single picnic table. From this picnic table the box is hidden within a few meters. Good Luck!