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An Alaskan Letterbox LbNA #4374

Plant date:Jun 15, 2003
Planted by:RetiredHavinFun
Found by: Eidolon
Last found:Jun 24, 2013
Last edited:Jun 15, 2003
...Thank you to The End for help in maintaining this box!
August 2008
I'm placing this box on Fathers' Day and dedicate it to my father, C. R. Hazard, a wonderful man who loved to fish. He would have enjoyed being with us on our fishing trip here to Alaska. This box is located in the Russian Jack Springs Park in Anchorage. It involves a short, easy walk. Do be prepared for mosquitos and watch for errant golf balls! Proceeding east on Debarr Road (between Pine St. and Boniface Parkway) turn right and enter the park. Park in the lot. Walk down the Bike Route on the left. Pass a yellow and black "Y". Cross a wooden bridge. Go to the fifth light pole on the left. Follow the little dirt path just after this pole. Notice a birch tree which seems to block the path in the distance. At the fork, stay to the right. Look behind the first birch tree on the left. Search under the whitish rock to reveal your prize. (You will need to bring a stamp pad.)