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Golden Warrior LbNA #43666

Owner:Tiernans of AZ Contact
Plant date:Sep 27, 2008
Found by: Martini Man
Last found: Nov 26, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 15, 2015
Level of difficulty: Very easy.
Distance: about 1/2 mile

This letterbox is located in the Sunset Crater National Park, north of Flagstaff on Hwy. 89, about 12 miles. Enter the park and follow the route to the O'Leary lookout. The entrance to the lookout is off to the left, before you get to the visitor center. Park at the lot up and to the right. Just east of the lot is the entrance to the trail leading up to the O'Leary lookout. Head up the trail for about 1/2 mile (I'm a terrible judge of distance, but this is less than 10 minutes of walking at a moderate pace). Look for a dead, but very majestic looking tree just off the path to the right. The dead tree has several short 'arms' sticking out that makes it resemble a totem and has a long felled log at its base, pointing west away from the base of the dead tree. You will find the letterbox where the felled tree meets the dead tree, under some bark. If you come to a small stand of Aspen trees (trees with white bark and small leaves), you've gone too far.

The design on this stamp is the reverse of a design my daughter discovered on something at the Flagstaff library and liked. Hope you enjoy it! Be sure to poke in to the area with a stick first in case any critters have taken up residence with the letter box. While you are in the park, be sure to look for the Bonito Flow letterbox placed by the Nail Family - it's a great hike with lots of interesting information about the area! Happy hunting!