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Flying Free at Harris Beach LbNA #43509

Owner:farmerbriansfamily Contact
Plant date:Sep 20, 2008
Found by: goldenoldie
Last found: Jan 28, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 20, 2008

This box was placed to commemorate our teenage son's accomplishment of cycling the entire Oregon coast. We're very proud of this young man and know that his time of "flying free" is near at hand.

Begin at Harris Beach State Park. If you're at the beach for a day trip, take the Harris Beach trail up to the campground. If camping here, begin at the campground entrance.
When we were here in September, the booth attendant let us drive in and stay for a few minutes without paying. This is a quick box to find, so maybe you'll also be able to drive through.

1. Pass the pay station and turn left to the Hiker-Biker Camp/Dump Station/Extra Vehicle Parking loop.

2. Directly across from the Hiker-Biker Camp is an opening in the shrubs leading into a clearing of sorts with some very interesting trees. Pass into this hidden little world.
(Note: In June 2010 much of the surrounding brush had been cut back, leaving this area far more exposed to passersby. Please try to be quiet and quick in your stamping.)

3. Walk past the first tree on your left and turn immediately to your left. Look under a giant root and large rock.

When you're done stamping, please reseal things carefully against the coastal rains and cover with a few pine needles to keep the box hidden.