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Yukon High LbNA #43233

Owner:Storm Crow Contact
Plant date:Aug 23, 2008
County:Yukon, CAN
Found by: Eidolon
Last found: Aug 29, 2012
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 23, 2008
Located at Big Creek Campground between Watson Lake and Rancheria Lodge. Park towards the river on the side access road. You will see a hand tram over the river. The letterbox is hidden between there and the bridge for the Al-Can. There is a spot where you have to hike up an 8 foot hill. There are some overhanging rocks and the box is tucked under the upper one with a couple of small rocks tucked in front. Yes, the carving is rough but what do you expect? I carved it while riding in a U-Haul truck!