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Heart in Hand (Iron Mt.) LbNA #43231

Owner:Mas Contact Inactive
Plant date:Sep 4, 2008
County:San Diego
Found by: AntHilarie
Last found:Apr 30, 2021
Last edited:Sep 4, 2008
Find the trail head to Iron Mountain at the intersection of Route 67 and Poway Road.


*Note that this is kind of a tough climb and may not be suitable for small children. Take water and wear a hat. It can be very hot out there!

Climb the trail until you reach the 1.5 mile marker. Just past this marker you will see a short trail on the left (East) and a sign that reads "heliport". Go to the center of this heliport spot and look left (which is now West). You will see a group of red rocks sticking up on the edge of this lot (you can go to to see a picture of these exact rocks).
Go to these rocks,(they kind of poke up and lay side to side to each other), look behind them under a bush that meets in the middle of the grouping. You will need to lift one of the branches and then look under the rocks that I put there.
Please close the box securely and cover with the rocks to prevent the box from moving or being seen. Be careful to not draw attention to yourself as non-boxers frequent this trail.
The box is small and a tight fit, so no ink pad or pen are there. There is no room for a hitch hiker either (sorry).