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Skull Cave @ Happy Jack CG LbNA #43123

Owner:LV Hiker62 Contact
Plant date:Aug 22, 2008
City:clints well
Found by: firebear
Last found:Sep 17, 2010
Last edited:Aug 22, 2008
This box got it's name beacause when we found the area several years ago, someone was camped there and they had placed elk skulls all around. Looked kinda like an altar.
Anyways, Clints Well is south of flagstaff about 60 miles
via lake mary rd. There is an RV campground called "happy jack". Just south of the campground entrance there is a forest service trail (122)that winds around behind the campground and points west. Popular with ATVs. Stay on that dirt trail for approx 1 mile. You can't miss the cave on the left. Almost in the shape of an amphitheater. The treasure is in the rock formation on the left. It's cammied out so look carefully. NEW 7/29/09... Checked on box and the hole it was planted in had been taken over by a large critter. Box and contents pulled farther into hole and mostly eaten. So moved box across the trail. New directions:
9/10ths of a mile from cattle guard, look for several large deadfalls on the right side of trail, just before original rock formation. Look in the middle of the big log at ground level. Hint... Still calling it "skull" for a reason! There is also a doll shaped pice of wood approx 6 inches tall hanging from a trailside tree. Hung by paracord so not sure how long it will be there before it succumbs to elements.