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Jamie's Birthday Box of Bunnies LbNA #43113

Plant date:Aug 30, 2008
County:British Columbia, CAN
State:British Columbia, Canada
Planted by:wildbunnies
Found by: viguy
Last found:Feb 4, 2011
Last edited:Aug 30, 2008
Start your bunny box search at the corner of King George Terrace and Sunny Lane near Beach Drive in Victoria. Hidden behind a big spruce hedge on Sunny Lane is a secret pathway leading up to Walbran park. Follow the path up the stairs. Enjoy the fuschia and holly trees along the way. At the top you will meet a road.Turn right and walk about 55 paces down the road. On your right you will see a path. Take this path, taking time to read the plaque. When you can touch the fence with your right hand, look up to see the obelisk. Don't take the stairs that go up to this. Veer left and sit on the bench to admire the view. Then stand and turn to your right, walking 30 paces, while curving slightly to the right around the rock formations. The obelisk should be over your right shoulder. Turn and walk 20 paces to the right hugging the rocky outcropping, following a rustic trail of beaten down grasses until you find a path down off the rocks to the left. Go down about 18 paces following the path.You will see the top of an arbutus tree straight ahead, and a white apartment building in the distance through the tree on the Oak Bay Beach. Turn 45 degrees to your left. Find the stand of arbutus trees, one of which has a tall dead trunk. Approach the base of the trees ( 3 large trunks) and go around to the left side. At the roots next to the mossy patch you will find what you seek, in a rabbit hole under the the tree. It is hidden under a rock. Please hide it well before you leave, and enjoy a detour to the obelisk on the way back!
Happy Birthday to our Bunny Jamie!!!!