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old as time LbNA #42925

Owner:4Adventure Contact
Plant date:Jul 27, 2008
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: R. Rascals
Last found:Jun 22, 2013
Last edited:Jul 27, 2008
Make your way via Dewdney Trunk Road to the Power House at Stave Falls. Once you arrive follow the parking lot to the end. Park and have a look around; it’s a beautiful area. You should be able to see an old shed surrounded by a fence, go have a look! From that fence look to your right, you will be able to see a walking path. Once on the path you will see a wooden bridge, make your way across it. Once across make your way to an old concrete and stone structure. Do you see a path to the left? Follow the path of stately cedar trees. I was once a king among trees, I now live by the water. Man carved foot holds in my body to cut me down in size. But life springs again from my body! Within my roots you will find a treasure, the first to find it gets the prize.

This is a short hike; it will take you 10 minutes to get to the area where the box is hidden. As there is a beach, rivers, etc, bring your bathing suit, picnic lunch, and/or fishing rod and enjoy the day there. Bring bug spray and if you have time visit the power house it offers a lot of history!!! For more information on the power house visit the bc hydro web site.