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Second Amendment LbNA #41937

Owner:PenGwen Contact
Plant date:Jul 19, 2008
Found by: feeling froggy :)
Last found: Jan 20, 2011
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 19, 2008
Driveby with RV parking
Dogs Welcome (particularly working breeds)

Note; Sorry to say I have recived several posts that this box is gone. No plans to replace it. Adoption of site, etc. Ok with me. Gwen

North of Grants Pass take off ramp 61 for Merlin, but instead of heading west toward Merlin and Galice head East to the T intersection. Turn North on Highland Rd and drive to the turn out on your left at the white pipe gate that is covered in red reflective markers.

Once at the gate look up hill to your right a short way and spot the grave marker. The letterbox is located 2 steps uphill from the grave behind a tree that is in line with the telephone pole,and headstone.

Once you stamped in the logbook drive on in. You will find one of the nicest facilities of its kind. There will be only friendly and polite folks there. If you have never participated in these types of sports just check with the office and they will happily help you give it a try if you are so inclined.