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The Lone Star LbNA #41847

Plant date:Jul 5, 2008
Planted by:Oliver & Company
Found by: willys ranch 4
Last found:Mar 12, 2010
Last edited:Jul 5, 2008
Located at the LaGrange College Site Park 8 miles SE of Muscle Shoals and 4 miles south of Leighton, AL off HWY 157 in Colbert County.

Take LaGrange College Rd up to the College Site Park. Go through the entrance & park in the parking area while admiring the view from the top. Also take note of the Lone Star on the top of the Pavillion. This star can be seen for miles when illuminated at Christmas time.

Now for a brief history lesson:
Alabama's first Chartered college went into operation January 11, 1830, under the direction of Reverend Robert Paine. Established by the Methodist, it was created by an Act of the Alabama Legislature. In 1855, after a struggle to endure, a rift occurred among the school's administration and in 1857, the State of Alabama took control of the educational facility. Under it's new name LaGrange College and Military Academy, it once again became successful. The site, known to many as "The West Point of the South", turned boys into men. In 1855, with 170 students enrolled, LaGrange was in its finest hour. History would write that it produced some of the most powerful, influential men of the century. But her greatest, her brightest and her best would have their lives cut short by an event known as the Civil War. Cadets and staff alike enlisted in the Confederate States of America Army and by 1862 the college and the nearby town were virtually deserted. April 18, 1863 proved to be a fateful day for Alabama's first chartered college when Union Col. Florence M. Cornyn and his "Destroying Angels" swept into the valley and brought with them the fires of hell. In the blink of an eye the town of LaGrange, it's college and its very way of life, disappeared in roaring flames. Today, visitors can walk these hallowed grounds to view a replica of the Old Mountain Pioneer Village, and the LaGrange Cemetery.

Now on to the clue: Turn back from the pavillion to locate the memorial monument in the center of the park which was erected in April 1950 by Act (1945) of Legislature of Alabama.
Take a moment to read the memorial monument. Next to the monument you will find a large Holly bush/tree.
Down inside the fork of the bush/tree you will find "The Lone Star".
Becareful not to be discovered by others and please cover back up so no one else can remove it.

The park site's caretaker is aware of the location of this box and will be watching. He welcomes you to visit, but please be respectful and place back.
Park is open on Sundays 1-4.
Be sure to tour the Welcome Center before you leave. Lot's of artifacts on display that have been found on the mountain.