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Falmouth's 4th of July LbNA #41530

Owner:suzietoots Contact
Plant date:Jul 4, 2008
Found by: Jim & Sharon
Last found: Aug 6, 2008
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 4, 2008
The 4th of July in Falmouth is where my family spends every 4th for the last several years. The beaches in Falmouth are crowded with people. Just past the past the Beach Breeze Inn on Shore Street and Surf Drive is one of the best spots to watch the barge from Falmouth Heights. At the intersection of these 2 streets is a crosswalk and the entrance to the beach parking lot. At the crosswalk you will see a sign that is white with black lettering that has DEP and some numbers. Just past the fire hydrant is a wooden fence. Count 4 posts from the water. At the back of the post is the letterbox that celebrates the 4th. Reach around the post to retrieve the box. This is very difficult to retrieve. Extremely busy spot. We hid this at night.