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Our Home and Native Land (2 of 4) LbNA #41398

Plant date:Jul 1, 2008
County:Alberta, CAN
State:Alberta, Canada
Planted by:GeoOdyssey
Found by: COGers
Last found:Aug 27, 2010
Last edited:Jul 1, 2008
To find the general location:
1. This map is as plain as the ______ on my face.
2. ______ : a natural elevation of the earth’s surface, smaller than a mountain.

Where to park:
In order to find the spot that is best
Park your car in the lot furthest west!
(City map section G4)

Near this box you will see

A convenient room to rest
A tall place where birds may nest
A large rock beside a rose
Wild and beautiful it grows

Optional Task:
Take a photo (or series of photos) of your group members in their best “explorer” pose.