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Olive Tree LbNA #41109

Owner:Trout Bum Contact
Plant date:Jun 15, 2008
Found by: Jiggs
Last found: Oct 27, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 15, 2008
Google directions for:

4523 Read Blvd, New Orleans, LA

This will give you directions to the building that was formerly Eastminster Presbyterian Church. This neighborhood was flooded during Katrina. Now, the building is home to Olive Tree Volunteer Village, a facility operated by the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.

I spent a week at this village, just east of Gentilly, helping to renovate a house and took the opportunity to place a box. The box is named after the camp and the many volunteers who have worked there in the last three years.

As you pull up to the property, park on the street, as the village is gated.
As you stand in front of the building follow the sidewalk to the left until you come parallel to a space between the Church building and the adjacent home (on your right as you are walking left down the sidewalk). take a right onto the grass and walk into the space between the buildings. On the ground to your left you will see several pieces of broken concrete.
The box is located under the concrete.

Please replace it carefully. Many volunteers stay on this property weekly and may mistake the box for trash.