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Sycamore Canyon LbNA #41059 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Jun 20, 2008
Location: Sycamore Canyon Park
City:Diamond Bar
County:Los Angeles
Found by: CherryOnTop
Last found:Dec 27, 2012
Last edited:May 21, 2019
Sycamore Canyon Park, 22930 Golden Springs Drive, Diamond Bar

Park at the end of the lot, cross the wooden bridge and go left on the paved path.  Just before you enter the trail, check out the big crazy tree on the left.  It looks cool, but that's not where the box is.

#1 - A Diamond In The Rough:
Retired as of 5/20/19

Follow the trail until just before the first fork.

#2 - A Diamond In The Sky:
Retired as of 5/20/19

Continue right at the fork and up the hill. At the junction, turn right and climb the newly constructed endless stairway. At the top it splits, but it's a loop so you can take either direction.