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three docks LbNA #40944

Owner:TW14Football Contact
Plant date:Jun 16, 2008
Found by: Wascally Wabbit
Last found:Aug 14, 2008
Last edited:Jun 16, 2008
Take HWY 101 North to the last Novato exit which is San Marin/Atherton Drive and go right on to Atherton. Take your 2nd left on Saddle Wood Drive. Go down Saddle Wood until you reach 200 Saddle Wood on your left. An easement access is directly across from 200 Saddle Wood.Cross over a very small bridge and turn left onto a dirt trail. Go along the path until you reach a bridge, cross it and turn right onto another bridge, cross that also. Bear left on trail and follow the dirt trail. Walk for roughly eight minutes until you see three fishing docks, always staying on the left side on the trail closest to the water. Go to the fishing dock closest to you. Search all over the first dock and you will find our box.