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COs' UFO LbNA #40713

Owner:Captain Slick Kitty Contact
Plant date:Jun 8, 2008
Found by: CiJay
Last found: Dec 12, 2010
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 8, 2008
Susanville California is a very isolated part of California. This is exactly why the State of California has not one, but two prisons located here. Isolation is not always a good thing.

About a year ago Correctional Officers, COs, from both prisons reported seeing an unidentified object hoovering over the prisons. This was not first time COs have reported seeing something strange over the prison or in the night sky.

Initially I was looking to place this somewhere overlooking the prisons, somewhere fairly close to the prisons. Alas, I found none. As nothing ruins letterboxing faster than running into an escape convict, I thought Roxie Peconom would do. (Yes, occassionally convicts escape.)

To find what may have been hovering the prisons, head out of Susanville, on HWY 36 until you come to Peconom Campground. Pull in. Take note of the trail south of the cattle guard you pass. Park "around the tree" on your left. Make your way back to this trail south of the cattle guard and start your hunt.

Stroll along this trail, take it's lovely scene and hear the call of the wild. Soon enough you will happen upon a old stump on your right. On the southwest side may be solid proof that UFOs really exsist.

This stamp is a series of 3 that was planted along this trail.These may not be accessible in the winter, as it snows here.