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The Marina Pacifica Plumbing Problem LbNA #3974

Plant date:May 9, 2003
City:Long Beach
County:Los Angeles
Planted by:Chowder
Found by: Star Light
Last found:Mar 17, 2013
Last edited:May 9, 2003
The Marina Pacifica Plumbing Problem
Or the Legend of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-eight

The Marina Pacifica Mall is located at 6324 E. Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach, California, near the corner of East 2nd Street. A beautiful, but small shopping center with lots of shops and restaurants, even a movie theater. Park in the area across from Barnes & Noble and Starbucks. Walk towards the water between Chipolte and Buffalo Wild Wings. Proceed down the wide stairway to a waterside courtyard, a nice place to enjoy a morning coffee or Jamba Juice. Proceed along the waterside walkway. You will be walking behind Ralph's where weekend boaters tie up to stock up on stores. The walkway will jog right, then left then opens to the sky. A few more jogs left, then two rights, left again and a diagonal right until to come across the docks where resident boaters live, this is where the Legend of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-eight begins.

The 1958 was a jolly little boat, as jolly as can be.
But unlike the 1900 movie, she never puts to sea.
When you find this little ship your goal will soon be seen,
An elevated planter box with mighty plants all green.
The planter box is a very nice place to enjoy the lovely view,
But now you must be careful, boat people may be watching you.
Lift the hearty foliage and you will surely be surprised,
A four inch, black, clean-out pipe is right before your eyes.
The large black cap, atop the pipe, was strapped on carefully,
But soon you will discover that it lifts off easily.
Not to worry about plumbing problems, stinky as could be,
This plumbing ruse is quite new as it was planted there by me!

Difficulty: None, an easy five minute walk.
Compass Needed? No
Wheelchair Accessible? Yes, but you must use the elevator
at the Best Store, or the ramps on either side of the
Acapulco restaurant. You may need to back track to the
waterside courtyard to locate your goal.
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