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Governor Troup LbNA #39731

Plant date:May 10, 2008
Planted by:Lady Buzz Contact
Found by: Hiking Vikings
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 10, 2008
Difficulty: Very easy

Box #5 of the Georgia Counties Series

In this hunt, you are searching for the namesake of the county you’re in. Troup County, one of several formed from the lands obtained in the 1825 Treaty of Indian Springs, was named for Governor George Troup. Governor Troup was instrumental in negotiating the controversial treaty and served as governor from 1823-1827.

West of LaGrange, drive to the very end of Old Roanoke Road. Stand between the two large rocks marking the short path to the lake, and find 240 degrees on your compass. This heading should lead you to a tree resembling an upside down "T". The box is planted behind it, guarded by a rock. Please rehide well, using plant material to tuck it in. While you're in the area, you may want to enjoy some fishing or a nice picnic at McGee Bridge Park.

Please be cautious in your hunt. Use caution and common sense! All the usual disclaimers apply – be careful of poison ivy & thorns, and watch out when reaching into what might be someone else’s home!