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Rock Paper Scissors LbNA #39470 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:May 2, 2008
Location: Los Alamitos Blvd & Cerritos Ave
City:Los Alamitos
Found by: nba mom
Last found:Jun 9, 2012
Last edited:May 2, 2008
Retired as of 3/9/13

If you're in the area of El Dorado Park, whether letterboxing or otherwise, this would be just a quick detour. This location may not seem special, but some may discover the reason for that in the future. It's located on the bike trail along the south side of Coyote Creek.

You can enter the bike trail from where it intersects either Los Alamitos Blvd or Cerritos Ave. About halfway between these two points, stand on the marking on the trail that says 05.50. Sadly the box is gone now, as well as the nearby geocache that had peacefully coexisted with it for years.